Writer’s block occurs when your imaginary friends stop talking to you and there is nothing worse than being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. When it happens to you can relax because you are not alone when this creative slump occurs. This aberration strikes every writer and is inevitable. Be one step ahead of the anomaly by recognizing what causes the block and cut it off at the pass before it strikes.

The reason or reasons for your block can vary:

Timing: Perhaps it’s simply not the right time to write. Maybe your ideas may need to stew a little longer. Block off dedicated writing time by choosing the best time of the day to write – not everyone writes at 5 o’clock in the morning.

Fear: Taking your life’s ambition and laying it out for everyone to see opens one up in having their work critiqued and/or criticized. Bury that fear before it surfaces.

Perfectionism: All too many people strive for success – even before putting pen to paper. It is very important to remember that no first draft is perfect and will require many edits before it is ready for publication. Due diligence will lead to perfection.

Dissatisfaction: Conflicting feelings with one’s life, career etc. can be all consuming. Prioritize, organize and utilize the valuable minutes of your life.

Write something else

Sometimes it can help to take your mind off your current project and work on something else. I’m not suggesting you ditch your novel and start a new one. Taking some time away to write something else could leave you feeling refreshed and even spark ideas for your other work!

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