Everybody has their own idea of what cool is and who is cool – so to speak. Cool people do cool things. They are thinkers, dreamers, creators and entrepreneurs.

Being cool isn’t about what other people think, it’s your perception of yourself. Cool people are generally thinkers, dreamers, creators and entrepreneurs and are more likely to be confident, successful, trendy, individual and have a sense of humour. Cool people are also nice to others. They are social and semi-gentrified.

You know you’re in the presence of a cool person when you feel at ease.

Winning is cool but cool people know that to do anything to win is not. Both moralists and totally immoral people are uncool, while people who maintain moral standards in straightforwardly immoral environments are most likely to be cool.

Cool people often know other cool people but do not boast about it.

It’s cool to be cool!