Marketing the face behind the keyboard is an art far different from writing. Allow your audience a peak behind the curtain of your business to see what they wouldn’t otherwise be party to.

I put 100% of my effort into each and every word that passes through my hands, from my touch on the keyboard to the final print. Even though it may not seem like much from the outside, the time and effort required to market the perfect book affects the sale of the final product.

There’s a lot of value in BTS content. It:

  • Humanises yourself .
  • Reveals your love for what you do
  • Shows that marketing can be difficult
  • Points out that you make mistakes, but you also laugh and live.

Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Showcase Your Personality

Just because you’re building a brand, it doesn’t mean you have to come off as boring. Display your personality in “real life” as your online community deserves to see that. When it comes to behind-the-scenes content, you want to allow your personality to shine through. That’s what draws people in and forms that connection.

If you’re always cracking a joke in your daily life, show that side of you online. If you’re an upbeat person, allow that to shine through with video content. This is what makes you relatable to the people in your online community.

2. Share Your Daily Life

It gives the vibe that people are hanging out with you throughout the day. You can share photos to give a little snippet of what you’re up to or post short videos.

Even sharing a photo of your desk and encouraging others to do the same is a fantastic way to generate conversations. It gets others talking and inspires them to whip out their phones and share a photo as well.

3. Show Updates on New Projects

This builds anticipation and potentially generates some sales.

Give your readers little teasers to give them a taste of what’s coming up. It gets them excited about your work and something to look forward to. When it has launched, they’ll be ready to sign up or make a purchase.

4. Talk About Failures & Struggles

It’s tough to open up about our failures. We often feel it makes us look weak. But in reality, it’s an opportunity to be transparent with your readers about what’s going on in your world. We’re always so quick to post our successes and share the highlight. Sharing difficult times is relatable. It is a great was to get people closer to you when they see that you’ve been through similar things.

5. Divulge Your Personal Interests & Hobbies

You’re more than an author. Your interests and hobbies outside of your writing that you share with the world reminds people that you are human and that you do have things going on besides just a to-do list.

Share which books you’re reading, podcasts you’re listening to, or the TV shows you’re watching. It’s a great way to generate new conversations with people who are consuming the same content. Are you learning how to play a new instrument? Or maybe you’re on a fitness journey. Share your progress as you practice. Your readers will cheer you on.

6. Give an Inside Look Into Your Publisher

If you have an entire team working as part of your brand, let them step into the spotlight from time-to-time. You can post features about each team member, which allows people to get to know them better. It’s nice for your readers to know who is working alongside you and supporting you.

So there you have it, the not-so-glamorous but super important part of the writing process. It’s hard work well-worth doing and any writer you meet will tell you the same thing. We are artists and the keyboard is our digital footprint. What goes on behind the scenes, the editing, rewriting, and the producing, is more than just a hobby to me, it’s my passion. Showing myself to the world is just another part of marketing.

The work I do behind the computer is more than just writing, it’s a reflection of all the practice I’ve put in to perfect the way I am seen by my audience.  And even though it may not seem like much from the outside, writing, rewriting, editing, marketing and blogging is a big part of my life and I’m proud of that.


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