There are good writers and bad writers – but all writers spend passionate hours arranging words on pieces of paper and computer screens. I am passionate about my writing and write about many subjects. It is better to be interested in and write about the world in which we live – though hard to be an expert on the social issues. Good writers are observers first, a researcher second and a storyteller third, but in no way a redeemer of mankind.

Some authors draw picture stories and write from them, others create pages and pages of character details, plot and conclusion. I write from the pictures that float around in my head and the picture dictates what the next sentence will be, whether it will have clauses, be long or short, active or passive. That image defines how the words will be arranged. It tells me what to write. I don’t tell it.

And we all write for different reasons. Some might write in the hopes of getting people to listen to them, see it their way or to change minds.

Stats on writers:

  • 30% of writers write to influence, educate and help.
  • 15% of writers write as a way to express themselves.
  • 13% of writers write because they have to – they are addicted to writing.
  • 13% of writers write to help others who might have lived through the same trauma.
  • 6% of Writers Write because they were influenced by authors they read.
  • 10% of Writers Write because it is therapeutic and Pleasurable.
  • 3% of Writers write primarily because it is their profession
  • 2% of Writers Write primarily to Entertain
  • 2% of Writers Write to Immortalize themselves or others, leaving a lasting mark on earth
  • 2% of Writers Write for exposure and fame.
  • 2% of Writers Write because they were victims of circumstance.
  • 2% of Writers Write because of curiosity


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