Writing is an art, one that every writer strives to do extremely well.

I have a passion for words, for meaningful and remarkable communication; a cause near and dear to my heart.

Effective writing improves on delivery – clearly and directly.

In this increasingly connected world, it’s more important than ever to write well. To communicate in a way that is both professional and intelligent.

Big words do not make you sound smarter. Brilliant writing does. Avoid commonly misspelled words. Do serious proof-reading. Write, with authority, directly to your audience. Get an editor. Be uniquely you.

Tip 1

  • A large portion of writing is structure.
  • Use reverse-psychology when analyzing your work.
  • If it feels like good writing, analyze what makes it good. If it is awful; ask yourself why?

Tip 2

  • Prose is a window into the literary world.
  • Describe what you are seeing by using visual, concrete language.

Tip 3

  • Do not over overuse verbs, especially those ending in -tion and -ment, as this contributes to a wordy, stodgy style.

Tip 4

  • Knowledge can be a curse.
  • Just because you understand the subject fully and completely does not mean your reader does.
  • Minimize acronyms & technical terms.

Tip 5

  • Omit needless words. Cut the ramble. Edit, edit, edit.

Tip 6

  • Avoid clichés like the plague.
  • Think of it this way: if you’ve heard it before, change it. Create something new.
  • Stepping away from the dreaded cliché opens the opportunity for descriptive words.

Tip 7

  • Each sentence must relate to the preceding one.
  • Use transition words to make the statement more meaningful.

Tip 8

  • Revise, restyle and rewrite, several times, with the goal of improving the prose.
  • Great writing is about constant editing and meticulous scrutiny.
  • Edit until your writing is crisp, clean, and concise.

Tip 9

  • Read it aloud.
  • Good writing is easy to read.
  • If you stumble, so will your readers. Rewrite it.

Tip 10

  • Dig deeply into your brain and select the best word; not always the fanciest word.
  • If the word is new to you, consult a dictionary.
  • Use the right word.

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