Today is National Bird Day, the day we shine a light on our fine feathered friends. With 9,800 species, birds are as varied as their beauty, songs, brilliance and flight.

Many species are at risk of extinction. Birds in captivity are bred for commercial gain. Captive-bred exotic birds retain their wild instincts and behaviors, and are not equipped for life in captivity; restricting then from their most basic instincts: flying and being part of a flock. Many bird species have similar lifespans to humans and frequently outlive their owners. And, all too often, people are not prepared for the responsibility and burden that comes with owning exotic birds. As a result, the bird is either abandoned or forced to spend its life neglected, lonely and bored.

Birds belong in the wild.

Celebrate the day by:

  • studying birds
  • watching birds
  • adopting birds