Travelling is Good for Your Career, Personal Growth and Soul

Go out and explore the world. It should not come a surprise that the things you will discover, in places you have never been before, might get your feet dirty and mess your hair but it will also make your eyes sparkle.

Travelling feels freeing because just for those moments, you’re able to focus on the view in front of you. You’re able to soak in the serenity and feel it all. When I visited the west coast of Canada, during summer, I sat on the pier and kicked my legs in the water. I soaked in the sun, waves, boats floating by, birds flying by and people all around. In those moments my struggles, the cluster of worries were pushed to the back of my mind. I was comforted by the rolling sea.

All said, adventurers often have dirty feet, messy hair and sparkling eyes because they are not afraid to climb the highest mountain, travel the endless roads, cross the seas, enter the untouched wilderness and discover what is beyond the next horizon.

Life and living are a match made in heaven.

Seeing amazing architecture. Admiring centuries-old pieces of art. Tasting new foods. Accumulating memorable experiences to last you a lifetime becomes a quasi-addiction that you are happy to feed.

The best stories start with the most unlikely characters, people who never quite fit the bill, but they’re always passionate risk-takers, maybe rough around the edges and possibly a little bit naive to the disaster that awaits them.

Imagine untying the dock lines of your sailboat then sailing the North and South Pacific – or beyond. In 2007 only 200 sailboats did just that, leaving the shores of the Americas behind. I was one of those sailors.

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