Evergreen content never goes out of date. This matter revolves around a topic that’s relevant to readers, regardless of the current news cycle or season.

Think of topics with consistent interest and high search-volumes.

Everlasting topics helps you do less work. You don’t have to change or update the content very often, which saves time; generating regular traffic. Google’s job is to provide answers to people’s queries. Out-of-date content will not rank – will not have them landing on your site.

Evergreen content attracts traffic month after month, year after year. Social media marketing should not be complicated but you have to keep up to date with the latest platforms, because it can be tricky when social media keeps changing with new trends, platform features and tools.

Sure fired ways to draw traffic – write about things people need:

  • Losing weight —It doesn’t matter if it’s 1962 or 2050, people will always want to lose weight.
  • Learning how to fry an egg—Eggs are a stable part of breakfasts. People aren’t going to stop eating fried eggs anytime soon, which is why there’s consistent interest in learning how to fry one.
  • Football scores—Football matches get played all the time, and football fans are always interested in the latest scores.
  • How to build a dog house – Clear, concise tutorials with attractive photos make great evergreen pieces.

Create evergreen content

Be informative. Write something useful that will stand the test of time. Make timelessness your highest priority.


  • Quality. Create a great website design, with easy-to-read content. It must be interesting, entertaining or useful. The content must solve the problem.
  • Uniqueness. Create content that makes readers choose your content over others.
  • Authority. Be an expert in this niche/topic.

Evergreen SEOs Combine Sustainable Content with Popular Keywords

Evergreen content becomes even more powerful when combined with SEO techniques.

The evergreen style has the potential to bring traffic to your site for many months, even years, if it is true evergreen web content.

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