The world had descended into chaos: wars, sickness, famine, climate change, irregular weather patterns and general unrest. One person had the power to intervene. With a shaking hand he scripted an obscure, cryptic riddle on five scraps of ancient papyrus scroll. A copy of the riddle was secretly delivered to each of his chosen ones. In his remote quarters, the cold pierced the weaving of his cassock and he was terrified that he had hesitated for too long.

In this spiritual novel the reader is introduced to the many religions and various dimensions of spirituality. The characters’ lives become intricately woven, like the fine stitches on a piece of fabric. Wealth and poverty, material possessions, and trivial concerns mattered very little in the end. 

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Unrest, war, poverty and extreme ideological divides are multiplying around the globe.

The more oscillators there are and the more interconnection there is between them, the readier we should be to see chaos. The social and economic situation is more dramatic for the long term. This is what we commonly call crises.

We are going through a period of financial, economic, social and ecological crises. Crises that self-amplify among themselves creates a systemic crisis in which one pulls the other. One self-aggravates the other in an infernal circle.

We are the first generation who may leave our children on a planet in worse condition. We cannot ensure their survival and it is all because of our own actions. 

In short, things looks bad… however, things could get better! 

Unleash the novel inside you

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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