Stella was of the nameless, faceless, placeless tribe and lived a life of misery – cold, wet and hungry. On most days she would rather have been dead.

She struggled along hoping to remain anonymous and did what it took in order to survive. Faced with humiliation and constant hunger, Stella hung her head in shame and begged, rattling a tin can and hoping that a kind person would offer her some change. She never spoke of her past and was determined to keep her life-story a secret. Stella lived among many invisible in the wide open.

Homeless people were once called hobos and that name was applied mostly to transient men, with no family ties, who hopped the rails, often looking for work. It would be impossible to count the numbers of homeless Canadians of today, but it is projected that there could be as many as 30,000 sick, wet, cold and hungry homeless people, hiding somewhere on any given night. Homelessness is a social issue that stems from a multitude of concerns: drug addiction, illness, poverty, plus so much more.

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Who are they?

the nameless,

the faceless,

those of the placeless tribe;

they, with their vanquished voices,

who say in the street,

‘Can you spare some change?

…only a dollar,’

keeping the old adage alive.

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