Sometimes readers just need to get away from a series and welcome a good stand-alone novel. However, there is nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of what you thought was a really great standalone novel to realize that it is the END OF BOOK ONE. How disappointing!

Stand-alones are a single book. Series follow the same story and characters throughout and can include anything from 2 to 50 instalments. Series are often some form of  fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian or supernatural. Trilogies, a series of 3 books, are becoming common.

Most contemporary, realistic and literary novels are standalone. And, best of all is when you reach the end of a standalone where the ending is perfect and tidy, making your heart swell with pleasure. Plus, there is no need to wait for Book #2.

If writing stand-alones is what you choose be prepared to work even harder – publishers concentrate on specific genres which means you might need a different publisher for each novel AND marketing each book takes more work. One book sells the most. Now suppose you write a trilogy and if you are able to keep 75% of your audience for Book Two and another 75% of that audience for Book Three then you have guaranteed sales. Series also boost backlist sales. There was a time when it was actually easier to sell a trilogy than a stand-alone but today it’s probably even odds.

Some writers produce both: series and stand-alones. To remove the question: my books are an eclectic collection of primarily stand-alones.

Which begs the question: do readers want Series or Stand-alones?

  • it depends on the book.
  • there is something to be said about leaving your readers wanting more, more, more – if its a long winter.

From a marketing perspective, a bad series will not sell better than a few good standalones. Write what you’re inspired to write and write it well.

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