Nearly 20 million individuals suffer from some form of social anxiety; the fear of being rejected; fear of being abandoned.

This fear can be so great that we are not merely afraid of being embarrassed, or judged; we are afraid of being rejected from the social group, being singled out and criticized. There is nothing worse than the fear of being ridiculed, becoming an outcast.

Humans have a deep need to belong and are motivated by it to act in accordance with what promotes acceptance.

Being ostracized and left to defend ourselves means we’re on our own. In the animal kingdom, ostracism is not only  social expulsion, it also results in certain death.

Being rejected has severe consequences to humans: depression, eating and promiscuity disorders; suicide attempts can result. Long term rejection can lead to resentment, anger and aggression.

The Fear of Ostracism Keeps People Stuck in Mediocrity

They conform instead of question,

react instead of think,

do what everyone else is doing,

forfeiting their ingenuity and individuality.

Rejection is not always bad: 

  • People who experience rejection and ostracism often display themselves a better version of who they were.
  • There is progress with pain.
  • Becoming extraordinary and achieving your true definition of success, means you will leave the majority – even if you’re terrified.

Mankind was meant to slay dragons; grow and evolve by solving extremely difficult challenges. This has forced them to become a better version of themselves. Leaving the herd can be painful – at first. Laugh in the face of rejection, criticism, and ostracism. Stand up – stand out.

There is always a fear of being disliked, unaccepted, rejected, shunned, ostracized or expelled from your social connectivity, is a strong motivator to succeed.

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me.

Now I wonder if I like them.”