Having published your first blog entry your thoughts are winging their way through the blogosphere, reaching millions of people who are hungry for your knowledge, wit and/or wisdom.


Those millions are overfed with more than 217 million blogs vying for attention and swamped with a growing number of blogs posted everyday. See the Worldometer, in real time, as the daily world blog count rises – as posts are made. Hang onto your seat then go here to the Worldometer.

The trick is how to drive readers to your blog:

  • Set up your blog on your author’s website. Then duplicate your blog on a separate blog, ie: blogger
  • Link your blog to automatically post to your Facbook and Twitter pages
  • Blog regularly – more than once a week
  • Start registering your blog on blog directories.

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  • Write on guest blogs that get a million viewers a day
  • Write for Blogcritics it is great exposure.
  • Schmooze. Bloggers have conferences. Meet & join a conference. Blogging Conference List
  • Never give up – keep on blogging

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