If you thought the Earth needed millions of years to change, then think again! It might come as a shock, to some, as to how much our planet can change in just one single day.

The Earth makes a mountain of new rock every hour and is not only continually changing shape but is also losing weight.

In this new era of science, researchers can watch as the Earth moves, breathes, shrinks and grows.

From volcanoes to earthquakes and dust migration to meteorites — scientists have discovered how much the Earth changes in 24 hours.

The earth is hurtling through space at over 100 thousand kilometres an hour gaining an estimated 60 tonnes of  space dust every 24 hours.

Every minute new land is born. From monring to night, a cloud of dust from the Sahara will have fertilised the Amazon. While all that was happening, the ground under your feet moved half a metre. Earth’s daily changes are all linked in surprising ways. More importantly – we would not be able to survive on the planet without them.

The Earth is not a bubble — it’s a small part of a bigger cosmic system that alters the composition of our planet every day . The sun causes the magnetic North Pole to move up to 60 kilometres in a day. It also causes the Earth to lose weight as atmospheric gases. Helium isenergized by the solar wind and leak into space at the rate of 1 kilogram per second. And once the gases gone, they’re gone.

Our entire galaxy is on the move too — at the rate of 2 million kilometres an hour!  Within minutes our planet will have moved to a completely different part of the universe!

We live on a different planet every day.