As the saying goes, there is no such thing as an original idea. If you pursue originality, you may finally snag it in your butterfly net. Every idea is an amalgamation of many old ideas that came before it. Coming up with an original story idea can be challenging, but it is not impossible with the proper techniques under your belt.

An original story is a unique narrative or fresh interpretation of a familiar concept. Original stories haven’t been tried in your specific way. In short, individuality is the process that leads to originality. Stop worrying about writing an original book and start focusing on being “you” in everything you write.

Instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing,, I simply focus on doing my own thing. If real concerns, social issues and topical subjects are original then my answer is ‘Yes”.

I have written about:

  • – climate change,
  • – abuse of women,
  • – homelessness,
  • – sex addiction,
  • – murder plus so much more.

These are topics that few of us really want to think about it but I write about them because I worry about the future of the world and mankind. I believe that I am doing my part by trying to inspire others to get engaged.

I stick to my agenda because it is something that I am passionate about. And I do it in a humbling way – knowing that I alone cannot change the entire world. If no one talks about real concerns then they will go ignored. I am honest with myself and my goal is not to persuade other people to take on my views, simply make them more aware.

Quick tip:

  • Any attempt to write fiction in hopes of making the world a fairer and better place can set one up for disappointment. It is more important to focus on being a good writer – regardless the topic. Good literature possesses transformative possibilities for changing mental structures. You never know who might pick up your book and be forever changed by it, or moved beyond words, at least.
  • But the fact remains that originality is a tremendous marketing point for our books.

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