Matthew Blackwell smiled as he stirred Haley’s drink, spiked with enough ketamine to render her unconscious, hoping to have sex his way. He thought of Haley as no more than the girl who would offer him a night to remember; his send off party before university.

Matthew believed that money was power. With it he got what he wanted and felt that he could do as he pleased where it came to women. And always at his side was his good friend, Ryan Crowe. Matthew had the financial means and Ryan had the connections.

If Matthew asked, Ryan complied, including lining up women for dinners in private hotel rooms and for late-night rendezvous. But what Ryan did not know was that Matthew had a dark secret.

Nowadays, rape is labelled as non-consensual sex – watering down the vileness of it – further disrespecting the victimized women. Few women report such incidents – primarily because all too many perpetrators go unpunished – further feeding the problem. RAPE is an ever growing concern that must be addressed and recognized for what it is: a criminal offense.


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