Uncover the unique message you have with a stellar topic.

Position yourself and your book uniquely by tailoring your book topic within your niche market. Laser-focus your topic to your audience.

The easiest topic to write about is the one you already know. Begin with a concept – what you’re passionate about. Know your audience – offer them value.

Is there a purpose to you writing your book? Do you have a message to deliver? Do you want to educate, inspire, motive or empower your reader?

Make it Unique

Tips To Brainstorm Book Topics

Writing a book can be a long process, so you must make sure you are writing about a topic that truly interests you, one you’re passionate about and will be beneficial to other people. .

1. Influential Moments

Have you had any influential moments in your life. Dig deep and use your life’s most influential moments as inspiration for your book. If these milestones are influential for you, they will likely inspire others as well.

2. Area Of Expertise

Focus on your area of expertise : career, hobbies, or your personal life. Having expertise in any area will make it easier to talk about in a book. If you studied a particular subject in school or have worked in the same field for many years, consider consolidating your knowledge into a book.

3. Favorite Topic

Identify your hobby or area of interest. This might include your passions, things you did as a child, or a place you enjoyed visiting. Make the topic personal to you.

4. Favorite Topic To Read About

If you enjoy reading about a certain topic, find a way to give your own unique perspective on it. If you can stand out from other authors in this genre, you will be on your way to a best seller.

5. Audience You Want To Attract

Know your audience and what information they are looking for.

Unleash the novel inside you!

Write a great story, that needs to be told,

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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