Women often wonder if men are from another planet. The fact is: men and women are from the same planet – Earth – though they are very different human creatures. Men are simple – not simple minded. For example: they say what they mean and mean what they say.

Women are wired to worry. Men also worry but they do not let it consume them.

Women are complex therefore most men do not waste their time trying to analyze females.

Women, all too often, do not say how they are feeling. Men cannot read between the lines.

If you want a man to love you, adore you and worship you then there is only one way, you need to understand how the masculine brain works. Learn the traits connected to the Alpha man vs the Beta man. Get a better understanding of how men deal with emotions, how they are hardwired, causing them to handle situations differently than a woman, and how testosterone levels change everything. #TheSecretsToUnderstandingaMan

Men are not physically, biochemically

and psychologically compelled

to be like aliens –

it just seems that way, sometimes 😂 .

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