I am writing again and happiest when writing; especially so when I am reaching the final stages of editing.

I have had this manuscript on my desk for a couple of years and it is almost ready to publish.

GENRE: Realistic fiction – the ‘what if’ story that could happen in real life; in a contemporary setting.

AGE: 7 – 9 year olds

Davey was certain that Blackbeard had sailed the shores of Nova Scotia and that his buried treasure was lying in wait for the day when he was old enough to go out on a dig of his own – then old man, Clem, showed up. All too many warning signs, a shiny new spade on the porch and the old man carrying a cylindrical tube, indicated that the old man was trying to get the jump on finding the treasure. Suddenly it was man against boy on the hunt for Blackbeard’s cache.

Click the link to go to the webpage:  Blackbeard’s Buried Treasure 

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