Typing has become our go-to method of writing for everything, from work emails to personal to-do lists. While typing may be faster and more convenient, research shows handwriting has its own unique advantages.

Think about the the effectiveness finger-writing has on spelling and its higher expression of human skills.

Step back in history and forward in technology, to create an alternate writing solution without any accessories. Using one’s own finger as writing tool, a person can write on almost any surface.

Archaeologists have studied prehistoric art that covers Rouffignac’s walls and ceilings: markings known as finger flutings made by people running their fingers along soft clay surfaces. Most are meandering lines, but some depict rudimentary animals, shapes and hut-like figures called tectiforms, which are thought to have held symbolic meaning for the hunter-gather groups that inhabited the region some 13,000 years ago.

When comparing handwriting to typing, a person is more exposed to critical thinking with pen and paper. Handwriting allows you to think more thoroughly about the information you’re recording. It encourages you to expand upon your thoughts and form connections between them.

When writing notes by hand, you develop a higher conceptual understanding.

Unleash the novel inside you

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