Elves, pixies and leprechauns #ProfesssorScry writes about elves


If one sits, quietly, at night under the glow of a moon, the air suddenly comes alive with flashes of lights. It is a time of day when fireflies or lighting bugs, moths and other nocturnal creatures come out. Of course we are taught that it is only the insects or beetles that magically brighten the night. But when one sees a movement out the corner of their eye, one that appears to be something…unexplained, we all know that it is probably a dwarf, pixie, elf or leprechaun. Why else would there be so many plays, books and fairy tales about them? It is simply because they are real – tiny winged creatures that we once sang songs about. Elves, pixies and leprechauns have long been included in Norse mythology. By the 1500s, people began incorporating elf folklore into stories and legends. And by 1800s it was common to use the names, fairies, pixies, elves and leprechauns, when discussing magical creatures.

Elves are diminutive shape-shifters that live in the forest, in their own kingdoms or in meadows, or hollowed-out tree-trunks and playfully flit around flowers. We know that they are not only in our minds, they are real and live in the forests. But let’s keep it a secret 🤗.

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