Home is supposed to be a safe place where one finds comfort and support, but in a dysfunctional family, home can often be a place of terror, intimidation, yelling, fighting, crying, chaos and craziness.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family leaves wounds so deep that it affects people for the rest of their lives.

Childhood trauma, the juvenile exploits of our parents, and even unaddressed mental illness can destroy the baselines build as children. And they can go a long way to create negative patterns that undermine our happiness as adults.

Establishing a healthy bond is next to impossible when parents are emotionally unavailable for their children. This tragic reality results in the “ripple effect” of a family disease. Overcoming traumas and tribulations suffered in childhood takes perseverance. It a journey that’s as uncomfortable as it is uncertain.

Dysfunction is a toxicity that is hard to overcome. Adults with issues almost always grew from a childhood that affected them profoundly. The pangs of abuse radiate throughout the decades and can leave this person severely altered for life.

The novel

This is a story of a boy born into a poverty-stricken home. His siblings were plagued with abuse and incest, and he detested his father.

There are a variety of reasons that a family can become dysfunctional.

6 characteristics to a dysfunctional family:

  1. abuses
  2. control
  3. unpredictability
  4. perfectionism
  5. no support
  6. no communication

When mental health, violence and addictions are added to the mix, the situation is even more toxic. Children growing up in such families go through emotional traumas that take a toll on their mental health.


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