Character development means breathing life into your characters. It is the human element of the story that will resonate with readers.

Creating a person your readers will understand, means including the all the challenges this person must go through and how he/she deals with them.

Identify life-like characters within your novel, for the purpose of making readers invest in them and their life or journey. Create a character’s flaws and weaknesses, history, mannerisms, hopes and fears, plus so much more.

To build strong characters in your novel, you need to understand what character development is – and why it is so important in the first place.

The more you know about the character, the better able you’ll be able to write about them in your story, making your readers either love them or hate them.

Creating memorable characters:

  1. validate the character’s reason for existence.
  2. design the character with external/internal conflict.
  3. create a character that is passive or forceful.
  4. develop the character’s past.

Take the time to nurture their growth, development, challenges and relationships.

It is time well invested.


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