Congratulations, you have just finished your manuscript!

Now, before you take that next step, and place your manuscript in the hands of an agent or publisher, ensure that your book is at its best.

You can bring your work to a higher standard by having your book proof-read, edited, restructured and/or formatted.

These quality control measures are necessary for all authors, whether this is your first publication or you are a veteran. Proof reading provides valuable feedback. This is an important step before moving forward with the publishing process. Every piece of writing should be reviewed by a third party before publication. Someone who has never seen the manuscript is better able to spot errors.

As your proof reader, we will read your book from the view of a prospective customer, and polish your work to a high standard.

Our proof-reading service identifies:

  • Inconsistencies
  • Redundant Sentences/words
  • Paragraph & Sentence Structure
  • Repetition
  • Clarification
  • Comprehensive report, commenting on the condition and quality of your manuscript.

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Know that you are creating a good impression when you make that first submission

Proof reading is an essential part of the writing process, regardless of the route chosen: with either traditional publishing or self-publishing. Correcting small grammatical errors and/or removing redundant sentences can place all authors at a higher standard of authorship.

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