Some old white-haired guy in a red suit told me to wish you a merry Christmas.


  1. The character of Santa Claus is based on St. Nicholas. As per legend, St. Nicholas was a Christian bishop who provided for the poor and needy. He loved children and enjoyed giving gifts to them secretly. As his story spread, he was called Sinterklaas in Dutch, which later became Santa Claus.
  2. Santa Claus initially wore clothes that were in green, purple, or blue. For many years, this was the common theme for the jolly old man at the North Pole. Coca Cola decided to dress him up in colours to match their brand.
  3. You probably know Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, who pulls Santa’s sled on Christmas Eve. It would be impossible for Rudolph to pull Santa’s sled all alone, filled with gifts to the brim for every good child in the world. Rudolph is Santa’s ninth reindeer. The other eight reindeers are Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Dunder, Comet, Dasher, Prancer, and Blixem.
  4. One of the reasons Santa can make his marathon runs through the day and give gifts to the kids all over the world is due to the help of elves. The merry spirit of Christmas is because of these cheerful workers and their commitment to the kids of the world.
  5. The tradition of nailing Christmas stockings near a fireplace came about in order to help Santa have a place to stuff candies and goodies for bright and cheerful children of the world.
  6. Santa does not ignore the children who have been bad throughout the year. He puts pieces of coal into the child’s stocking instead of gifts! Yet another important reason for children to be good.
  7. Christmas holidays are referred to as the ‘12 days of Christmas’ because the three kings took twelve days to travel to the birthplace of baby Jesus.