A question commonly asked and the short answer is – however long it needs! But it also depends on who has the stop-watch, and if brewing and editing time is calculated.There is drafting time and there is editing time.

It can take me anywhere from six months to two years to write a book. When I am writing that first draft I  think of nothing else. I live in the book, eat and dream the book. Then once that is complete I let it rest, stew a little, simmer.  For me it is not the first draft that takes the time – it is the second, third, fourth… and twentieth draft. Adding the texture, colouring the flowers, killing my characters and revising and revising and revising and revising and revising takes time, lots of time.

Time – start to finish depends on various factors.

  • the amount of research needed,
  • time devoted daily,
  • speed at which you write,
  • taking time off from writing and
  • careful planning.

Take your time, enjoy the journey and don’t set your sights too high.

Toss out the stop-watch – time does not matter – writing a good book does.

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