Doing Good is the essence of life. Most people hold to moral values and would retrieve a child from a raging river and most of us would avoid murdering or refrain from other acts we find intuitively wrong.

Have you ever felt a rush after doing a good deed? Ever noticed you were more relaxed after a day of volunteering? Did you ever feel motivated to do good after thinking about the last time you helped someone?

Doing Good is simple. It’s easy. And, everyone can do a good deed for the benefit of others and the planet. This is a day that connects between people of all ages, around the world, within 58 countries.

Doing good has a double reward:

  • decreases stress
  • increases life expectancy
  • makes you feel better
  • makes ‘you’ happier at work
  • promotes mental health
  • leads to happiness
  • motivates the giver to do good again – and again – and again.

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