Being a writer is a wonderful experience that comes with challenges. Writing a book can be overwhelming. It is a lonely, mentally challenging, and sometimes grinding profession. Most of our time is spent in front of a screen, trying to put words together. 

It’s no wonder that people lose their motivation to tackle such a large, multi-faceted undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Being a writer and loving what you do is challenging but rewarding. You perceive the world differently and can make people laugh, cry, and re-assess their lives with the power of storytelling. However, it’s clear that writers meet challenges along the way, and some of them are tough to overcome alone.

Identifying 4 Main Writing Challenges

FEAR: is an emotional world of ‘what ifs’ and a perpetual state of aspiring will never get a book written let alone published. No one is perfect so write down your ideas, edit, write some more, edit once again and in time you will have created a masterpiece.  Exchange fear for positively – It is unlikely that you would you feel better if you never write that book.

TIME: Writing is about dedication, creating a deadline and having a reason to finish. Never put off until tomorrow what deserves your time today. Turn away from those distractions. Social media are time waster and never produce anything.

FOCUS: It is not enough to have LOTS of good ideas. It is having the capacity to channel those multiple ideas into a piece of writing. By writing it down makes you an author.

STOP waiting for that rainy day, because in many cases rainy days make people sluggish, lazy and uninterested in anything. Write everyday then when you get on a roll nothing will tear you away from your manuscript.

And keep on reading. Writers are readers.