Become an elite writer to instantly boosting your sales. Most of us have been writing emails, text messages, resumes, blog entries, cover letters, articles, love letters, essays, reports, memos, or working on your next big novel, throughout our lives. Learn how to make your writing interesting – add flair!

Make your writing outshine that of your peers to attract more readers.

Dive into the mindset of an elite writer, spelling out the key principles that help great wordsmiths keep their writing purposeful, concise, and pleasurable to read. Smart writing makes a strong impression. Write with clarity, precision and elegance. Many people don’t realize that writing with style and flair is a craft you can easily learn with the right teacher.

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4 Tips:

1. Choose verbs that have flair. Use exciting verbs that are powerful and meaningful.

2. Do not be afraid to use the 5 punctuation marks: Semicolon, colon, dash, parentheses, comma.

3. Vary the length of your sentences, change the way they start, to create rhythm. Short sentences can add impact. Sometimes a longer sentence is necessary to keep the momentum.

4. Garnish your paragraph with clever wordplay. Use puns, repeated first words, self-answering questions, understatements. You are a wordsmith – put it to work.

Stay on track:

  • write with integrity
  • know your intent – where the story is going
  • write in plain English – no reader wants to have a dictionary at hand
  • remove clutter – unnecessary redundancy
  • craft elegant transitions
  • write your prose with economy and precision
  • keep ideas neat, consistent and parallel
  • create natural dialogue
  • develop natural settings and know what fits your era (clothing, lifestyle, location, dialogue etc)

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