From time immemorial, literature has been one of the most powerful tools to shape the opinions and perceptions of an individual. Seems to be a boring scripture with tiny words embedded on it, but it is the only magical medium which has brought the world to the stage of massive advancement and achievements.

It has been said, “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.

Literature has always been a feast among the elite and educated. People have engrossed in literature and its study from ancient times. The written word has long been looked upon with great respect and value. More so than any gold possessions. The verses of the books were read, enchanted and memorised in different manners to grow as an individual.

Literary fiction boosts empathy in people who read it, granting the ability to see the world through another person’s eyes. And works of good  literature – particularly novels – can grant direct access to another person’s thoughts.  If people are reading less literature, it stands to reason that we may be becoming a less empathetic society. There had been a brief rebound in literature readers, in 2008, but the back-slide returned in 2015.

Reading literature, history, science as well as liberal arts contributes in the creation of a three-dimensional human being. Reading opens the mind, bringing awareness,

Quote from the New Yorker: Could a country that had widely read “Huckleberry Finn” have taken Donald J. Trump seriously for a second? Twain’s readers will remember “the king” and “the duke.” They know what a bullying con artist sounds like.

 the culture of reading books is almost becoming non-existent in our society.

Reading stats:

  • Women out-read men
  • Education is the strongest factor
  • Another influence is high average household income

It appears that our literary future lies in the hands of young, well-educated women with high incomes.