The secret to writing good formula-fiction is to find a unique and unused brand – one that will capture your reader’s interest then have them looking for more. It is no easy task. However, if your goal is to sell lots of books then write formula novels and please the masses. All you have to do is create a protagonists that possess a high level of emotional intensity that results in gutsy and surprising deeds. Formula fiction is often lumped in with genre fiction while literary fiction is often more serious and does not fit in any genre.

All said, not every author was designed to remain within such rigid lines of creativity. Every writer has his own voice and it is becoming more and more popular to sing from more than one song sheet, so to speak, and genre-hop. Bear in mind that you too will be faced with the same task as those publishers who had turned you away. Every book of every genre will require a separate marketing plan in order to get it discovered.

I cannot sing…but my books are eclectic and off-beat.

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