Just as previous generations were driven by the prospect of a better life, kids need something to encourage them to go the extra mile.

Some kids are fervent goal-setters and determined go-getters. They set out to get things done, fueled by passion, driven by resolve, often taking others along for the ride.

It’s easier to push children to excel if they’re doing something they care about or do well. Pay attention to what they naturally gravitate toward. 

Discuss the values within their chosen profession: responsibility, commitment, compassion. Find activities that will propel them closer to their objective in the short term. 

Developing kids will model behavior. It makes logical sense that they are also going to model ambition. 

Fostering ambition requires teaching independence

As parents, our impulse is to help our children. That impulse can be helpful but be aware of their need for independence. Ultimately, our children need to grow up to become independent adults. Teach them the skills needed for success. 

10 ways to develop ambitious children:

  1. Encourage them – If your child wants to do something remarkable, encourage the idea. Help them work out how they could make it happen.
  2. Challenge them – Provide them challenges that stretch their abilities. Celebrate their successes.
  3. See the world – Give your children opportunities to see new things, places, and meet new people. No one changed the world by staying at home. Take them travelling. 
  4. Buy books – It’s natural for an author to recommend buying books. Reading broadens the mind and inspires ambition. Buy books!!!
  5. Encourage heroes — There’s nothing wrong with hero worship. It’s a brilliant way to focus on ambition. Encourage children to find out what their heroes did, how it all started and how it ended.
  6. Role play – Creative play develops creative thinking. 
  7. Group play – Children grow up to be more confident if they regularly play with other children.
  8. Accept change – If yesterday’s budding astronaut becomes today’s airline pilot, rejoice. This likely means that your child has been thinking and recognizes that flying a plane is more achievable.
  9. It’s not about money — Don’t push your child toward high-earning careers. There’s more to life than money.
  10. Anything is possible — Every person is unique, and today the world is more egalitarian than ever before. Almost anything is possible if you want to do it badly enough. Don’t discourage ambition. 

“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.” – John Wooden

As a parent, you are your child’s biggest role model.

It’s important for your child to hear about your work stresses

and how you ultimately prevailed.  


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