You may have heard that ‘most’ writers are starving artists who never make more than $1000 a year.

Those stories are true. Many writers starve. But on the flip side – many sell a lot of books and do very well, if they stick with it and build multiple income streams.

Let me begin with how it all starts – writing. Writing a book is hard work. Creating a sustainable platform with several income streams is even harder.

Making a living from your writing is definitely worth it and, as a writer who wants to earn cash online from their craft, it is one of the most rewarding achievements you will experience in the self-publishing business.

Make more money from your books by – publishing in multiple formats.

 To be a writer is a choice and I continue to make it.

Like every business, you have to focus on the customer experience and what you have available to your customers. Delivering the right product, in this case the book, is the magic of converting the curious customer into a paying one.

Writing and being a success is kind of like a skill-based lottery. If you work real hard and have some base talent, you might catch lightning in a bottle and be one of the very few writers who earns eye-popping advances.

You can put yourself at the top of the heap by being a writer who writes a lot, publishes often, and consistently improves.

If you’re concerned about making a living as writer, then you have to think of writing as your job. Show up to work everyday and see what happens.

Unleash the novel inside you!

Write a great story, that needs to be told,

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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