Slaughter your writing to rise in the glory. Begin by tidying up the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typos.

Becoming an outstanding editor takes a refined skill level. Deep editing is where a dry, disorganized, and clunky prose is transformed into writing that is beautifully organised, bursting with life and energy.

Transform a piece of writing into magnificent, sparkling prose.

Quality writing is key to achieving business success. It eliminates mistakes, and corrects inconsistencies.

Editing verifies the text is true to the story, providing continuity, the correct use of the language and assures that the message is conveyed clearly.

Editing should not be mistaken for a proofreading, the final step before publishing.

Deep editing forces you to consider every aspect, to place quality into each and every pore of the writing.

For the sake of making your writing stand out, grab your red pen, and get to work with these:

6 ways to make your writing more powerful:

1. Grammar

  • the backbone of effective communication.
  • A comma in the wrong place can misinterpret your point.

2. Write less to say more.

  • Only use the words needed.
  • Edit, delete and cut.

3. Adverbs can be deadly

  • instead of running quickly – use sprint, jog etc.
  • use a more powerful word.

4. Test your writing. 

  • Ultimately, you’re writing for your readers, so analyze the readability.
  • Clichés, overused words and redundancies can discredit the author.

5. Organize yourself. 

  • Mind mapping extracts your thoughts and organizes ideas.
  • Create a list of questions that need to be answered.
  • Schedule time to write, and set a time limit.

6. Hire an editor. 

  • Refine your prose, then
  • Enlist the help of professional editors.

I would be happy to help with your editing: Editing Even the best writers need a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes to make that final edit.

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