It’s no secret that by the time you’ve written, designed and published your book, you’ve put a lot of time, resources and personal energy into it.

Now is the time to pull out all the stops and put into action a marketing plan that will give it the promotion it deserves.

Whether you’re an author, a marketer at a publishing house, a publicist, or anyone else looking to sell books, there’s a wide array of book marketing tactics you can use to amplify a book’s exposure and reach more readers. Spark inspiration and get those creative juices flowing.

The ability to self-publish your own book is amazing…but if you stop there, it’s all for nothing.


  1. Attraction Phase begins when you start writing your book up to two months before your book releases. Get to know people on social media and make connections. It’s not the time to promote. This is the time to connect with others so you have a good foundation to launch your book.
  2. Promotional Phase begins about two months before your book’s release date until about two weeks after the release date. Focus on promoting and building up anticipation for your release. Do pre-orders, plan events, schedule signings, and build the excitement and anticipation for your book to release.
  3. Follow-up Phase begins two weeks after your release date and beyond. Your book has an infinite lifespan and we can continue to talk about the book for as long as we like.

The Follow-up Phase is the secret sauce! It might seem too easy, but continuing the conversation can help you continue to see sales indefinitely. Continue to talk about your book, drive them to your Amazon page and website to learn more about you and your book.

14 tips for boosting sales

  • Shout it out via social media: Attract a loyal audience and increase sales. Social media lets you connect to your target audience in a way that is quick, easy and often free.
  • Your website: So many people forget to put a promo and a link to purchase your book in a prominent place on your website homepage.
  • Blogging: Share the inspiration for your book, reveal tidbits and quotes to give readers a peek inside your book, reprint feedback from readers and reviews. Whet people’s appetites to buy it.
  • Speaking engagements: Book speaking engagements, an opportunity to share your message as well as sell your book from the stage.
  • Colleagues and affiliates: Be sure to let your friends and loyal fans know about the book and how to share the news.

Public media:

  • Free telecalls or webinars: This offer a wide audience a chance to see or hear you speak about your subject or your expertise while also providing insight into the book and its value.
  • Guest appearances: Reach out to online radio and talk shows, webinar producers, YouTube channels and more that focus on your topic and offer to share your knowledge, insight and information about your book. Address a new audience, boost your visibility, and boost your book sales.
  • Plan an official book launch event: This is a great way of having a public appearance.


  • Your newsletter or ezine: An email blast is the perfect way to promote your book. After all, this is an audience that you know is interested in the topic you specialize in.
  • Your email signature: Think about how many emails you send out per day. Add a teaser and a link beneath your email signature that is short, sweet and lets the recipient know about your book, with a link to your sales page. Add # hashtags.
  • Press releases: Write several press releases and send them out during and after your book launches.  Your local newspapers, trade publications and niche websites, magazines and blogs who also might be interested.
  • Video: Record interviews with people who have read the book and their reviews. Place videos on your YouTube channel, share them via Google+, Facebook, Twitter and your blog.
  • Guest writing: Connect with people, websites, blogs, media that shares a common audience. Offer to write a guest article for them and refer to your book in your author bio or at the end of the piece.
  • Watch and learn from the best:  Watch and learn – see what methods they used to boost their book sales and use the ones that appeal to you most. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Focus on the lifespan of your book and not just on the release.

Unleash the novel inside you

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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