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AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘Low Hanging Fruit ’. Of all the people who meet through online dating sites only about 10% of them end up in committed relationships or marriages. According to  the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, in 2023, romance scammers have taken more than 50 million from 945 Canadian victims. 


A romance scammers dream 💞

On the day Mandy’s husband died, she died a little inside. After a long, hard year of grieving, she was lonely and felt it was time to get back into the dating game.Awareness was the best way to escape getting caught in a romance scam and their web of trickery.  She built walls, reluctant to use online dating, determined no swindler would walk in her front door and crawl into her bed.

Deception is a ghastly game, and the wolf in sheep’s clothing never laments. Scammers are professional liars and manipulators. They weave a thread of deception to get any unsuspecting, lonely person drawn in.

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