About the author

I was born and raised in a remote farming community in northwest Alberta, Canada, where the boreal forest is met be a ridge of hills that sweeps down to meet the great prairies. Books have always been an important part of my life and as a child it was my passage to places that I never imagined existed. When young I often looked out upon the Clear Hills, dreaming of the day when I would go over their peaks to the other side, to experience the vast world beyond. Maybe, had my bedroom window faced south I might have imagined myself leaping over the steep banks of the mighty Peace River, where many more opportunities lay.

By age eleven I knew that I wanted to be a writer and my most treasured possessions were a pen and paper. I made notes and jotted down ideas for little stories that I had hoped to write one day. Those scraps of paper and all recollection of what they had contained have vanished as things do over time.

When I left my  job in finance, Jack and I retired to live aboard our sailboat, Wyntersea (visit the website). One would have thought that it was the perfect time to start writing, for surely there would be little to distract me, aside from the lapping of the sea against the hull of the sailboat, the warm breeze singing in the rigging and the gentle sway of the ocean to lull me into a dream-world. But it was not to be. We looked far out on the horizon and saw even greater adventures. We left the security of Vancouver Island’s inside passage and sailed to Alaska and Mexico before going south and west among many dozens of islands within the South Pacific: French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia then pausing for a long rest in New Zealand and ending our sailing journey in Australia.

I had never imagined that I would climb a mountain, sail the South Pacific or trek across the north of England – but I did. Perhaps the greatest adventures happen along when one is looking the other way.

I have also fulfilled my life-long dream. I am an author. Writing is my passion and delight and I write almost every day, primarily fiction, drawing on social subjects that touch close to my heart. My desire to write has become an obsession. When I’m not writing I spend time in the kitchen going through old family recipes then cooking up something yummy. I am a lover of animals and nature.

Most recently I have begun writing youth novels

under the pen name
Professor Scry.

Memories and experiences make life interesting and meaningful, while shaping us into who we are. The beliefs we formed in childhood become a big part of our personality but seldom do we stick with those views. We plod along changing, becoming someone different than our parents and siblings – being our own person.

And most often it is the things hardest to bear that change us the most – making us unique to our own story. Be glad for the chance to have experienced it – life without hurdles is a life not lived.

Be open-minded,

go against the grain,

develop an insatiable curiosity,

establish a sense of purpose,

grasp new complexities and

be sensitive to others.