About the author

I am an adventurer at heart. But, if asked, I never would  have imagined climbing a mountain, sailing the North and South Pacific or trekking across the north of England – but I did all those things and more.

I was born and raised in a remote farming community in northwest Alberta, Canada, where the Boreal forest rises up to a ridge of hills that sweeps down to meet the great prairies. Books have always been an important part of my life and as a child it was my passage to places I never imagined existed. When young, I often looked out upon the Clear Hills dreaming of the day when I would go over their peaks to the other side, to experience the vast world beyond. Maybe, had my bedroom window faced south, I might have imagined myself leaping over the steep banks of the mighty Peace River. In the end I went south.

After leaving the security of my little farming community, I became witness to a multitude of  social issues – problems that I never knew existed. I write about these topics, firstly to get an insight into what others face, but also to provide readers with a better understanding of those challenges through fiction.

When I left my job in finance and moved aboard our sailboat, Wyntersea (link to the website), I  thought that it was the perfect time to start sorting through my boxes of writings and begin assembling them into manuscripts, for surely there would be little to distract me, aside from the lapping of the sea against the hull of the sailboat, the warm breeze singing in the rigging and the gentle sway of the ocean to lull me into a dream-world. Before I had a chance to organize my writings, the ocean beckoned me and I left the security of Vancouver Island’s inside passage, sailed to Alaska, then Mexico before going south and west among the many dozens of islands within the South Pacific: French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and Fiji, sailing south to New Zealand, then pausing for a long rest before going north again to the islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, and ending my sailing journey in Australia. After the anchor was dropped for the last time, I began compiling my notes into manuscripts and in 2013 published my first novel.

“Writing is my passion and delight and I write something almost every day. My novels are primarily fiction, drawing on social subjects that touch close to my heart. When I’m not writing I spend time in the kitchen going through old family recipes, cooking up something yummy, and dreaming up my next story. I am a lover of animals and nature and enjoy being outdoors.”

“Most recently I have begun writing youth and young adult novels

under the pen name
Professor Scry

Writing for young adults is a refreshing change.”


Be open-minded,

go against the grain,

develop an insatiable curiosity,

establish a sense of purpose,

grasp new complexities and

be sensitive to others,

for every person has a story of their own.