So you want to be an author!

Know that, the more you read, the better you write; the more you write, the better you read. Reading and writing go hand in hand.  And, books, especially good ones, have power. Writing something powerful has the ability to inspire, motivate, change lives, change minds, even change history.

I believe that being an author is about more than writing and publishing a book. It includes sharing what a person has learned, to inspire creative minds.

Reading and writing changes a life forever.  

  • Reading is food for the brain.
  • Writing uses that food to analyze, organize, add imagination and creativity, then share that idea with the world.
Writer to Author – 10 easy steps

On my journey to become an author I

  • discovered what I am passionate about
  • understand that my passion should be spread
  • found a platform to share my passion
  • write about things that I am passionate about
  • connect with others who share my passion
  • learned how to get my writing noticed
  • share with my community
  • help my community with what I have learned
  • show my community how to spread their own passions
  • got here by reading and writing all the time


I will pique interest and inspire an enjoyment in writing, that will take young students of all ages (and adults) to expand their imagination and guide them along the path to creating their own stories. For budding young writers, I have designed interactive presentations that will get them on the road to being an author.

For adults, I also take a look at the hard-core realities directly related to a self-published author: tricks to titling, cover designs, blurb writing, how to get published, dealing with rejection letters and developing a career as an author. I will share my journey as an author which has been no less unique than it is for many writers.

LOCATION: Grande Prairie, AB, Canada, and area.

The themes of my presentations will:

  • demonstrate the connection of reading and writing
  • explain the writing process from an idea to publishing
  • emphasize the extreme importance of editing, and how to edit
  • define the power of the written word – the importance of why and what we write
  • stress how writing and reading will change your world  
Children learning together


is one of the most important gifts bestowed upon us and to attain success it must begin when children are young. If students fear speaking up, their grades suffer, their motivation drops, and there is a higher likelihood that they will lose interest in school by their teenage years. It is during the early years that reading and writing must peak if they are going to find success in society. The key: equip students at an early age, inspire enthusiasm, and develop a love of learning that will carry them lifelong.
As an author of 16 publications,
my presentation can help stir the energy and joy for creative writing.
We can change our schools one word at a time.
Our kids are worth it.
Sharing your story changes your life forever.
It too can change the lives of others.
Creating a story one word at a time.