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Proof reading is an essential part of the writing process, whether you are going with traditional publishing or self-publishing.

Take your manuscript to a higher level of excellence by having your book proof-read, edited, and restructured. Success is driven by the little things: correcting small grammatical errors and/or removing redundant sentences that can place an author at a higher standard of authorship. Every piece of writing should be reviewed by a third party before publication. Someone who reads the manuscript for the first time is better able to spot errors.

Create a good impression when you make that first submission/publication

As a published author and editor, I strive to maintain your author’s voice while guiding you to improve your writing. Linda is an  experienced English-speaking editor, available to make your book publish ready!

As your proof reader, I will read your book from the view of a prospective customer, and polish your work to a high standard. Your manuscript will be sent back to you quickly and at an affordable price.

Our proof-reading service identifies inconsistencies, redundant sentences and/or words, paragraph and sentence structure, repetition, clarification, and a comprehensive report, then commenting on the condition and quality of your manuscript.

Linda is passionate about creating long lasting relationships with authors and helping them achieve their goals.


Editing Services will:

  • Check all grammatical, punctuation, spelling, typographical and English language errors.
  • Enhance clarity, style, structure.
  • Consider tone, layout, font, eliminate redundancy and ambiguity.
  • Focus on plot, loose ends, paragraph and sentence structure, order of story, spelling and punctuation.
  • Then you will receive valuable feedback on your writing skills and give you tips about how you can improve your English language.

Editing Details:

Developmental Editing Components: 

  • gives your work clarity, purpose, and continuity
  • provides structure, content, and overarching themes of your writing
  • identifies questions, comments, and concerns that would stand out to a general reader
  • looks for inconsistency (names, dates, chapter titles, character’s features, etc.)

NOTE: Developmental editing (including spelling, grammar, punctuation)

should be done BEFORE proofreading,

that way proofreading process does not need to be repeated.

Line Editing Components

  • ensures consistency of the language used and sentence structure
  • confirms the story line flows through the manuscript
  • checks for consistency, identifying what comes first and what clearly leads to what follows
  • eliminates repetitive words or phrases, and streamlines the use of formal vs. informal writing structures
  • points out the need for transitions, elimination of run-on sentences, missing words, or excess words

NOTE: Line editing does NOT include checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Proofreading Components 

  • focuses on all matters of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • includes word and phrase consistency
  • corrects style and paragraph formatting issues
  • helps the author finalize the manuscript so that it is suitable for publishing


Set per word. Select your option and multiply your manuscript’s word count to obtain final cost.
$0.010 – proofreading only (one read through)
$0.012 – developmental editing OR line editing only
$0.013 – line editing + proofreading (both in one read-through)
$0.014 – developmental editing + line editing (both in one read-through)
$0.018 – developmental editing (first read-through) + proofreading (second read-through)
$0.020 – developmental editing + line editing (both in first read-through) + proofreading (in second read-through)

Sample pricing:  book editing with services listed above: proofread (.010), developmental editing, line editing and 2nd read through (.020): 15,000 words $450, 30,000 words $900.  60,000 words $1,800 


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