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Murder mystery

AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘Appointment With Death’- In Canada, a woman is killed by her male partner, on average, once a week. 
In 2023, the wrongly convicted registry identified 83 wrongful convictions. Those who were accused and convicted are now exonerated. 

Appointment With Death – by L.M. Wasylciw 

Rob Carson had been convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, Janet. Kara, his girlfriend of fifteen years past, ran to his aid. She felt certain he had been wrongly convicted. The evidence was non-existent, and his conviction hung entirely on statistics. There had been a huge miscarriage of justice. An appeal had to be filed.

Kara’s love for Rob was rekindled and she was ready to jump into a relationship, albeit with him behind bars. Kara would go to any lengths to prove his innocence. 

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