Welcome to WRITE ON, an educational and entertaining television program, filmed and produced by Eastlink, that showcases authors. 

Written language is one of the greatest human accomplishments; its formation signifies a breakthrough in human progress. In many ways, the written word has played a more instrumental role in forging human civilization than almost anything else.

2023 – Linda prepared the scripts and the guest list for October fall launch. 

2022 – Fall launch began October 17th 2022 

Your host for 2022 broadcasts was Alicia Burdess. Guest list prepared and scripted by Linda. Hear what authors have experienced in their writing, why they write and what they write about.

      1. BERNADETTE WAGNEReditor, poet, mentor, community-builder and award-winning author
      2. DIANE PALOVICK – author of In Trouble 
      3. JAY SEMKO – singer, songwriter and poet
      4. JEFF BURSEY – playwright, novelist, reviewer and non-fiction writer
      5. JESSICA WILLIAMS – children’s book author of Mama’s Cloud and soooo much more.
      6. JOHN PAUL COOPER– author and writer of newspaper articles, essays and a screenplay
      7. MYRNA KOSTASH – journalist, essayist, and writer
      8. NIALL HOWELL– author of There Are Wolves Here Too
      9. RILEY QUINN – author and songwriter
      10. RITA FEUTL – teacher, author, editor, researcher and writer
      11. SHERI D. WILSON – recipient of the Order of Canada and Doctor of Letters, Poet laureate, playwright, author and poet
      12. THERESSA SLIND  – author and librarian – author of Only If We’re Caught
      13. THOMAS WHARTON  – award-winning Canadian author of adult and children’s fiction

The fall series helps writers: overcome writers’ block, discover how to flesh vs pad your book, create plot twists, understand literature, hear what story telling is about, create cover designs, master blurb writing, title your book, uncover the pitfalls of procrastination, get marketing tips and hear what makes great writers great. On Write On you will get the inside track on poetry and learn why authors are passionate about writing.

The fall launch began October 18th, 2021 and ran for 13 weeks. Every Monday, a new guest joined me, starting with:

Alice Major: poet, author and poet laureate; author of “Birth Days” and “Set up a Boundary Stone”.

Fran Kimmel: author, newspaper and magazine writer and radio drama writer: author of “No Good Asking”.

Robin Van Eck: literary author of contemporary, horror, weird and offbeat, and creative non-fiction writer; author of “Rough”.

Wendy McGrath: novelist and poet; author of “Broke City”.

Beth McCann: author of “Awakening Sleeping Beauty”.

Rita Peterson: author of youth fiction; “A Heart’s Journey Series”

Pearl Gregor: author of “Dreams along the Way” series; “I. the Woman Planted the Tree” & “A Journey Through Dreams to the Feminine”

Jacob Fehr: Head of Children’s and Teen Services at the Grande Prairie Public Library and Coordinator of the Collins Writing Contest.

Jennifer Wrzosek: author and creative writing instructor; author of “The Jumping Fish”.

J.Jill Robinson: novelist and short story writer and creative writing instructor; “That Story is Your Mother’s”.


Duane Anderson aka DD Ander: traveller, blogger, author and ghostwriter; “The 7th Cross”.

Anne Wheeler: Writer, director and producer in the film industry, and recipient of 7 honorary doctorates and the Order of Canada; “Down Side Up”.

Bertrand Bickersteth: poet, playwright, essayist and educator; “Grown in Alberta”, “King Kong on the Prairies”, Past the Surface of Whiteness”, Accidental Agriculture”, and “We, Too”.


The spring series’ broadcast began Monday May 17th, 2021 on Eastlink television 10 & 610.

Each week, you are invited to tune in, to hear what authors have to say about writing and the challenges they face.

Learn how to plan your outline, polish your book, develop characters and options for publishing.

In May, 2021, for the spring series, my guest line-up was:

  1. Donald Lee – author of  “The Band Director’s Lessons About Life: Life’s Performance Cycle”
  2. Alicia Burdess  – author of children’s book “The Dragon Curve” – a magical math journey”
  3. Lauretta Beaver  – author of a western-fantasy saga series “Passionate Alliance”.
  4. Margaret Wellwood – children’s book writer: “Bunny’s Own Storybook”, “Marie and Mr. Bee”, & “Scissortown”
  5. IRene Hamm – non-fiction author: “The Incredible Presence of Jesus” & “Her Last 26 Days”
  6. Sue Farrell Holler  – literary award winner. Author of “Under the Cold White Sun”
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