Of course they are uncomfortable but when you wear them you feel like a boss. The trick is to kick them off when at your desk then slip into them when you go to meetings.

Most women will say that high heels make them feel good, tall and strong. Most female lawyers wear heels in court because heels make them feel more professional and polished.

Women in high heels are perceived as more attractive by both men and women. Modern elevated shoes were born in Paris, invented and then reinvented for western fashion as the classic high heels we recognize today.


Striding in stilettos is still the sorting out the relationship between glass ceilings and glass slippers. For now, the idea of doing something “in high heels” is a near-universally understood that the person doing it is female. And in doing it, she faces additional, gendered challenges.

In a male-dominated career, such as finance and law, women need to feel more powerful at work, and if slipping into a pair of stilettos makes them feel and look – hot and conventionally sexy – hats off to them. 

Generally speaking, powerful women do wear power heels

– and why not –

after all it is not a level playing field.

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