Over the years, many theories have put been forth regarding the rationale for writers doing what they do. At its most basic level, writing is about sharing something with someone, making connection a key component of the pursuit. The possibility that a book or perhaps just a single sentence or phrase can be deeply moving or at least interesting and informative, to a reader, is a prime motivation for writers to keep on writing.

While every author seemed to have a slightly different motive for writing, they all appear compelled to tell stories and have a burning desire to get something out – to share the plot, story and theme with the world.

Much patience is required to receive any form of external reward from writing as reviews and royalties typically come long after one has started writing a book.

Like actors, novelists often find themselves “inside” their characters, making the former miss the latter if they are not around them for some time. Writing can also serve as a therapeutic release.

 “The truth is we write for love,”

Writing a good book is harder than anything you have ever worked on in your life.

But it is your story and only you can write it.

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