I believe that one has to be a bit on the weird side of life to become an author – to invent stories. Open your mind and let your creative juices flow – the best solutions, ideas and gadgets don’t come from conventional thinking. So why is it that at some point in our lives we have decided that we must fit with the mainstream.

And when it comes to fame…well, some people made their name in really weird ways. Take Jack Kerouac who saw alcoholism as a means of spiritual exploration. Ben Franklin started his days with an air bath—half an hour each day in his birthday suit, in front of an open window, as a way to get his mental juices flowing. T.S. Eliot wore green tinted face powder and lipstick. And, fellow poet, Friedrich von Schiller sought inspiration from the scent of rotting apples.

Do your own thing with as much weirdness as possible.

Write a science fiction novel or

move into the forest and live without electricity.

Go out and collect sequinsed hand bags

or mugs with Marilyn Manson’s face on them.

Take chances. Embrace what you love. Draw. Write. Play.

Use every colour on the palette.

It’s healthy to be different from everyone else in the rest of the world. When you were a kid, you dressed in your Halloween costume, even in the month of June, embracing everything about yourself with complete abandon.

Why change? Who’s writing the rules?

Why must one go with the flow?

Life is as colourful as you make it
Life is as colourful as you make it