Most people fear failure, criticism and rejection even though there is always a real possibility that it will occur. Then, when it happens it sucks and not surprisingly it hurts more than they expected. No one likes to be rejected but think of it as only a hiccup.

Do not waste your time wallowing in misery – when clearly you have more work to do. Use rejection as the door to opportunity, a reason to explore innovative ideas. Also know that when your work is rejected, you are not personally rejected. Establish boundaries between yourself and your creation and do not take it personally. If you have submitted a manuscript that was rejected then maybe it needs work, maybe lots of work, or maybe it should be filed! Follow your gut instinct. Display your rejections proudly – build a scrapbook. A person who has not been rejected had nothing to submit.

Use rejection to your advantage:

  • there are a million reason for rejections so don’t waste your time analyzing it
  • don’t put all your eggs in one basket – diversify
  • re-evaluate where you had failed
  • use what you have learned and revise your strategy
  • it refines you as an individual – making you better
  • know that rejection is not the end – it is the beginning

Rejection is proof that you are in the game.

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