You have only seconds to capture your reader’s attention so don’t take chances on jokes, industry terms and visuals that are often lost on people. These fluffs and fillers only tends to confuse the audience. It takes but a few seconds to lose them.

The key is to grasp your readers’ attention within 15 seconds of them picking up your book – or lose them.

The moment you decide to be a writer, your effectiveness will depend on your ability to communicate your thoughts in writing and in speaking.

Finding the right words, in the right order, matter. Write clearly and persuasively – write to the point – and develop an ear for what works best.

In order to communicate effectively, through the written word, involves planning, thinking,  exercising judgment, and making decisions.

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01. Accept it – embrace it

So, you’ve just published your first blog entry. You know that it’s long, but it is really good, therefore you’ve convinced yourself that they’ll read it. Wrong!

Writing is never a waste of time. It is key to write with a clear message and use effective words, that will be easy to read – and is shorter. That way you will reach more people.

02. Front-load writing

Put the important stuff first; before you lose people along the way. Find the conclusion and put it first.

03. Shorter sentences

Let your sentences flow. Resist the urge to jam too many details in to the same sentence.

03. Be precise

Say more with less. Be specific, descriptive, and direct in your writing. Cut the fluff.  Find the core message and obliterate everything that has no purpose. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

04. Get Vocal

Our collective attention span isn’t getting any more robust. This is reality. So, instead of swimming against the proverbial tide, a writer’s time is better spent understanding the ways that their evolving audiences behave. Then, write accordingly.

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