Children’s literature is a timeless tradition.  Books have long given children access to varieties of literature, an  extremely important start for their success.

Literature provides students with the opportunity to respond to literature then develop their own opinions about the topic.

Reading is important to develop cognitive skills, core elements needed to succeed in school or a work setting.

Books are an avenue for students to learn about their own cultural heritage and the cultures of other people.

Literature now competes with social media – robbing children of the right to learn,

In books, children are faced with the realities of death, what it takes for a young sheep to be happy and and the deep problems that exist with not allowed one’s freedom.

Children’s literature:

  • encourages creativity
  • brings awareness of curiousity
  • generates imagination
  • fosters personality and social development
  • develops emotional intelligence

“Professor Scry has published four books, blogs about the importance of literature and the impacts reading makes on a child.”