Great covers are a necessity. A book’s cover design tells the reader what to expect from the book. A well-designed cover inspires the reader to want to read the book from cover to cover.

Book covers play the role of introducing the book to potential readers.

A striking and compelling cover will stand out in a sea of books on a shelf, or a collection of thumbnails on a web page and draw the eye of a reader. A fantastic book cover is an investment. Get the right effect by hiring a designer  who can sway people’s judgment toward the purchase of your book.

Invest in a cover that will ensure your book reaches as many readers as possible. An amazing cover design will pay for itself many times over, sending a clear message to your readers about your integrity and professionalism.

Let’s talk about creating a custom cover for your ebook and/or paperback. Our team can customize a cover that will fit your needs. We can do both the artwork and the design so that the final image will be suitable for your book cover.


COVER DESIGN (Paperback and E-book – combo price)

You provide cover artwork and blurb: $100.00 CAD

Without cover artwork and you provide blurb: $300.00 CAD

Email your details: CONTACT link here

Ready to get started – please email


Turn around time: 

  • one week

Number of mock-ups created: 

  • three designs based on your ideas

Policy for revisions:

  • make 2 adjustments

Formats/dimensions the work be delivered: 

  • jpg format – ready for upload to Amazon