Writing a blurb or book description can be even more difficult than writing the entire novel. It involves an entirely different art form and is the single most important piece of writing you will contribute towards publishing your book.

Your blurb needs to grab the reader, peak their curiosity, then make them feel the need to read what’s inside. The key: to create intrigue that will captivate your potential reader without giving the story away.

Blurbs remain important in the digital age

Whatever the old adage might warn, there is merit to judging a book by its cover. The blurb is the apparel on the book and a perfect blurb will have your reader wanting more. The blurb is one of the most pervasive, longest-running — and, at times, the most controversial — tool in the publishing industry.


  • Standard Fiction blurb creation from data supplied: Title, genre, setting, characters, first 5 pages, brief description of story (synopsis), key plot points and enticing facts. If you have started a blurb, include it.
  • Average length of blurb 125-250 words.

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