Authors are constantly searching for a marketing leverage that will increase their visibility and multiply sales by ten-fold. Slow down. Stop milking the social media trend. It is all too easy to get caught up in searching for the next BIG thing by chasing the squirrel. Most authors got on the roller coaster early, hoping to ride that new trendy social media car up, up, up, into the profit-sphere of your dreams.

If you’re looking for growth, influence, and leadership, get off the roller coaster and use the stairs. Take it slow and easy. There is no doubt that it’s a lot more work. However, by keeping your momentum moving upward, slow as it might be, there is a better chance that you will not see  significant spikes and falls.

What social network you’re using is not nearly as important as why are you in social media. Social media doesn’t fare well as a direct marketing tool. Of course, it maintains your online presence. While also influencing your customer’s purchasing decision. BUT it does not drive sales.


#1 Stop Counting Friends, Followers, and Connections:

  • Social media numbers are often misleading.
  • Genuine influence happens over time.
  • Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Dedicate your time to meaningful engagement.

#2 Choose Conversations Over Broadcasting 

  • Social media algorithms have changed.
  • More and more engagements are happening inside closed groups (via private messenger).
  • Showing up, sharing content, and commenting on other content is still important and valuable.
  • However real relationship building is happening away from the newsfeed.

#3 Create Content Consistently

  • Your potential buyers are certainly looking at your social media accounts.
  • They browse your posts, and read your blog.
  • This is the their first step to deciding if they want to buy from you.

Get good at creating high-quality content consistently. Know your audience if you want that content to add value and resonate with them. There is NO shortcut to honing your content writing skills.

Write, write, write until you get it right.

Technology is moving fast, very fast, and it is hard to believe social media is only 13 years old.  It changes its tastes and trends daily. Engage your active followers. Recognise that social media is more like a public park, not a commercial strip mall. Get off that roller coaster and escape that crazy ride.

Develop meaningful communications and stay the course, focus on developing real connections.  Create amazing content for your existing and future clients. Let go of the trendy social media suggestions and work on the ones that help you build community relationships.

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